Welcome to our studio

We design and build spaces that make you feel good when you are in them. Not one detail of your design project occurs by chance. Our design philosophy is based on the belief that people respond to three basic things: light, scale and proportion.

At Johnson Design, we use scale and proportion based on the activity or function of a space. Every nuance is thought out and planned to enhance your experience while inside the building. We also work with the site and natural surroundings to create a special balance between the built form and nature.

Johnson Design provides a variety of services from residential homes to Commercial office buildings. Our extensive experience allows us to tackle various project types including housing, workplace, retail, mixed use, planning, interior, educational, and institutional.

When you go through the design process with Johnson Design, the end result is a space that is extraordinary, with elements that delight, comfort, energize and impress. The design process, while rigorous and thorough, should also be fun.

At Johnson Design, you work with experienced and talented team members, who take your ideas and make them a reality. We believe in a collaborative approach that involves the contractor, owner, architect and consultants and understand that is critical to a successful project.

Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson is the principal and owner of Johnson Design Inc., which was founded in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida. Kent began his college career at Florida State University in 1975 and transferred to the School of Architecture at Florida A&M University in 1976. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1981. In 1984, he received his Master of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Throughout his career, Kent worked on several diverse projects and received recognition for projects including several design awards and published articles. Kent’s hobbies include fly fishing and outdoor activities. He was the commodore of La Belle Yacht Club and currently is chairman of the Architectural Commission for the City of Oconomowoc. Additionally, he is a longstanding member of the American Institute of Architects.

Pete Davis

Pete has been with Johnson Design for over 20 years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the UW-Milwaukee in 1999. After being hired as a temp to build some models for a client, Johnson Design hired him on full-time soon after that. Pete worked with different trades during the summers during college, from electricians to site construction. This experience gave Pete a unique approach to architecture. He understands what it takes to put a building together from the ground up. Pete prides himself on clear and concise drawings, along with a high level of detail, scale, and proportion. The projects that Pete works on are welcoming and built with a high degree of quality. When Pete is not working, he enjoys fishing, various winter and summer sports, along with brewing his own beer.

Ben Otten

Ben graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and graduated from UW-Milwaukee in May 2017 with his Masters of Architecture. Ben brings a diverse set of skills to JDI with backgrounds in both commercial and residential construction. Not only is Ben able to supply builders with drawings for construction but he has great graphic skills that allow him to take conceptual drawings and turn them into realistic renderings of projects. This allows JDI to immerse themselves in every aspect of a particular project as well as allows our clients to become fully engaged with their project. Outside JDI, Ben has his own successful watercolor painting studio and also enjoys spending time with his dog Boomer, Skiing, Biking & competitive sailing.

Gabrielle Norton

Gabrielle Norton is Johnson Design’s newest addition. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and most recently graduated from UW-Milwaukee in May 2022 with her Masters of Architecture. Gabrielle has a background in virtual reality and video renders. This allows for clients to see the visions of their projects in full detail from the siding finishes to the landscaping before finalizing the design. When Gabrielle is not in the office she enjoys spending time with her dog Peaches outdoors hiking and kayaking.

Lucy, Boomer & Peaches

Lucy (Great Dane), Boomer (Black Lab) & Peaches (Pomsky) are the dogs of the office. They love taking their daily naps and greeting clients and the mail carrier. If they are not in the office wagging their tails or asking for treats and pets, they are outside taking walks and chasing squirrels. Lucy enjoys sunbathing and taking boat rides around Lac La Belle. Boomer loves to swim, play tug-a-war and fetch with his beloved ball. Peaches enjoys her daily naps and going for runs but is at her most happiest when it is snowing.