I.d. Delafield

I.d. Restaurant provided a unique challenge. The original restaurant in the Delafield Hotel (originally designed by Johnson Design, Inc. in 2005) contained “Andrews Restaurant,” an award-winning, traditionally-styled restaurant. When Hendrick’s Commercial Properties purchased the building in 2015, they wanted to provide a dining experience like none other in the Lake Country area (Waukesha County, Wisconsin).

Together, we completely revamped the entire layout. Previously, there were a series of small private dining spaces that offered a unique dining experience, but added little to the enjoyment of the overall┬áspace. We felt the space needed to be opened up along with providing a “lively” eating environment. We opened the kitchen up to the diners, enabling a guest to see directly, and even sit directly in front of, the brand new high-end kitchen. This open concept provides great entertainment while waiting for the award-winning food that pours out of the kitchen.

The design of the space can be best described as “eclectic,” combining the new with the old. We drew inspiration from old factory detailing and mixed new and high-end finishes, which provide an unmatched dining experience.

Commercial Remodel: